dreams palm beach punta cana wedding. kayla + cody.

Kayla & Cody are from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I ADORE them. They beautiful destination wedding took place at Dreams Palm Beach resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Our ‘Just Married’ session (which some would call a ‘Trash the Dress’ session) was photographed at sunrise on resort property.

Kayla: “We met in Junior High. I’m not certain of the exact moment in time when I ‘fell in love’ with Cody but for as long as I can remember there’s been an unexplainable emotion present, I could have never guessed it would weave itself through my soul and cradle my heart so effortlessly. Trying to explain how and why I love him would be like trying to describe the taste of water.

Cody: “We met in school when we were probably 12 or 13 and I was smitten. I asked her to be my girlfriend back then and she broke my heart, then dated some loser skater guy instead, but I’m not bitter or anything, haha. We continued on for a couple years until she moved away when we were 15. Luckily for her, she came back for grade 12 and I had to really turn up the heat on her. The time came when she finally agreed to be my date to a wedding and she never stood a chance!”  😉

Kayla LOVES: “Cody’s humor, his sneaky-kind heart and I adore his strength and optimism. I’ve never encountered anyone that’s carried themselves with quite the presence that Cody does. 

Cody LOVES: “Her smile, the way she loves me back and … dat ass!”  😉

First Look, Dreams Palm Beach Resort, Dominican Republic:

“We ABSOULTELY LOVED the First Look! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Just having him hold me and offering us the moment to truly embrace each other, alone. It was soothing and it helped clear some butterflies. I was more excited to walk to him during our ceremony than I was nervous!”

Kayla ALSO LOVES: “Beer, salt and vinegar chips and pickles. Oh, and Harry Potter. Cody got me into it!”

Cody ALSO LOVES: “Chocolate, any dessert, I’m like Gollum with his ‘precious’ when it comes to sweets. Oh, and pasta. Give me all the pasta!”


“The proposal was perfectly and completely unexpected. I’d always imagined Cody would propose in some extravagant way and I thought for a long time it would have something to do with the purchase of our new house or our families. He’d been out of town working, out during the week and home on the weekends. It was Friday and Cody was exhausted. I came home that afternoon from work to quickly drop off my stuff before a hair appointment, when I left he was yawning and planning to have a nap. He told me to text him when I left the salon (which was conveniently located around the corner from our apartment). While I was paying for my hair I got a text from him asking where I was and how long I’d be, my first thought – ‘UGH! He wants me to grab dinner and I don’t want to go the store alone because I’m a gigantic baby!’ My PLAN was to say I hadn’t seen the text and then we’d go find dinner together… clearly, I was very mistaken and he already had plans! When I got to the apartment the door was locked, which initially confused me, when I open it, Cody was standing in the way and startled me. He was all jittery and weird and I couldn’t put together what the hell he was doing. He told me he’d got a gift for me and showed me to a ‘Pro-Hockey Life’ bag that was sitting on one of our bar stools.. wtf right? Confused, I opened the bag to find MY Oilers jersey with LINDERMAN crested on the back!

*SIDE NOTE: This Oilers jersey had been a gift for my nineteenth birthday and every single birthday after, I’d asked to have my name crested on it. I kept telling him he had to put Plunkie on it before I wasn’t a Plunkie anymore! And birthday after birthday he’d avoid it.

Before I could wrap my head around what was actually happening he was down on one knee, with tears in his eyes, asking me to marry him. I’d give anything to be able to relive that memory and so many others that make up our relationship. I didn’t even say yes, I just started kissing him and he had to stop me to confirm it was legit. Of course it was a yes, how could it not be.

The night before he proposed to me, we were at hockey, we always stay after the game to have beers and chill with the guys. When we got home that night, Cody was putting his gear away and adorably asked me ‘what was sexy’ and what he could do for me while I was at work the next day.. ‘would it be sexy if I cleaned the house?’, I had no idea what he was on about but he was pretty drunk so it was both adorable and hilarious. NOW looking back I’m never going to forget that.”    

Kayla: “Cody has changed my life in more ways than I care to explain here and to be quite blunt, Cody saved my life. He pulled me from a dark place and reminded me how beautiful the world is and how very much I am worth. He allows me to be the completely insane, ridiculous, freak show that I am and instead of running for the hills, like any sane person should, he’s joined me and revelled in my chaos. He’s allowed and encouraged me to be angry and embrace sadness, because that’s okay when you need it. He’s created a happiness in my life which there are simply no words for and he’s loved me, purely and ferociously through all the cracks and leaks in my foundation. My life is WONDERFUL because of Cody.”   

Cody: “I love Kayla beyond words. I cannot take care of myself, so I would probably be dead without her. Seriously.”

Kayla: “I love my incredible engagement ring. I’m still so captivated by it. Also, my Oilers jersey! He took me to my first NHL hockey game on my eighteenth birthday, bought me a jersey for my nineteenth and six years later proposed to me with my new name crested on the back of that jersey! AND! One more, he once braved Build-a-Bear just because I was totally obsessed with this dragon named Toothless (from How to train your Dragon), he went all by himself and did the whole bit, kissed the heart and did all the silly things, just because I’m a dork.Cody: “My fave gifts from Kayla? Tough call, either my Xbox or Boston Bruins (Lucic) jersey.”

Kayla: “I appreciate how well Cody knows me and the little things he does that remind me of that. He’ll buy me MGD in bottles even when yucky Budweiser is on sale, he always buys the right kind of pickles, he always leaves me fresh towels and a cloth is the bathroom for when I get home because he knows I’ll forget and have to yell for him and when I’m sick he’ll make sure I have my favourite spoon to eat my soup with.”

Cody: “I love ALL the little things she does for me that I never ask for. I couldn’t name them all.”

FIRST DANCE SONG: ‘Let Me Take You Home Tonight’ by Boston.

Kayla: “I want to forever remember the way Cody looked at me the first time he saw me. I want to remember how he held my hands so tightly during our ceremony and how we couldn’t stop kissing before we were actually supposed to. I want to remember the butterflies I felt before I saw him, I was beyond nervous but I also felt strangely calm, like I never have before.”

Cody: “My favourite wedding moment … The way Kayla looked when we were exchanging our personal vows, I hope I never forget that.”

“We LOVED … Being on the beach, not wearing shoes! Our personal vows and my best friend preforming our ceremony. I was so full of adrenaline in that moment I could barely remember what she said, she had to send me the ceremony and it’s absolutely breathtaking, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read, I hope it forever brings me those emotions and tears of happiness.”

Dreams Palm Beach – Beach Ceremony and Pool Island Reception.

Approximate schedule times: Ceremony 3PM / Reception 6PM.

Approximate guest count: 30.

Bridal gown (make): Stella York.

Cake: Vanilla & pineapple.

Favours: Custom made shot glasses with our initials, wedding date and a little logo ‘Drunk in Love.’ We also purchased tequila for each table to enjoy with their glasses. 


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