I am blessed with the best Couples, as two humans cannot get any sweeter, kinder, or more loving than Meagan & Jay.
Together with their loved ones, they stayed at The Level of Melia Caribe Punta Cana Resort, while their ceremony and reception were held at the famous Jellyfish Restaurant nearby. Brilliant! 
Jay was born and raised in Queens, New York and Meg was born in Queens but raised upstate in Orange County New York. They currently live in Brooklyn, New York.
They met at a Super Bowl party of a mutual friend and have been together ever since.
Jay: “I love her eyes, her smile, and the way she can just make me melt with a single look.”
Meagan: “Jay has the most amazing blue eyes, but my favorite assets of Jay’s though are his brain and big heart.”

MUA: Anna Nuet. Always amazing! Jay on the Proposal:

“The proposal happened in Nice, France. We were half way through our trip and I’ve been waiting all week for that perfect moment and I kept telling myself that I would just know. Well we were spending the day on the beach and just enjoying each others company and I just knew. I went back up to our flat and got a bottle of wine, some cheese and fruit and snuck the ring and its giant box in my pocket. We sat and we drank, Meg was sitting in between my legs and we were looking out over the Mediterranean.
I stood her up and told her how much I love her and how when I look at her I see the rest of my life and then I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. As soon as she said yes we hugged and we kissed and then these bongo players started playing and I just remember us laughing because it was a total coincidence. It was our most perfect romantic day and a moment we will never forget as long as we live.”

Most romantic memory according to Meagan: “Our entire trip to France was the most romantic week of my life. Spending our days exploring, stopping at cafes for a glass of wine, every day was like a fairy tale. My most romantic memory together was of course our week in Nice, but secondly it was the night that Jay surprised me and took me to see the Opera at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. I woke up to a note with instructions for a mini scavenger hunt. He had hidden money with a note telling me to get my hair and nails done, and to buy a fancy dress. When he got home from work he put on a dapper suit and we went into the city at an amazing restaurant across the street from Lincoln Center – where he dropped the surprise on me. He had found an Italian Opera highlighting the lives of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, which happen to be my favorite! I had made Jay watch a slew of documentaries and shows about their lives in the months leading up to this night. We sat center orchestra on opening night and it was amazing!”

Such a touching First Look… Fave guilty pleasure: “Eating pizza in bed and watching reality TV shows.”Jay: “I just love her eyes. She can melt me with a single look and everything about her is just so irresistible to me. The rest is classified.”  🙂Meagan: “Jay’s touch and smile are everything to me… he gets this romantic, sexy look on his face that is just simply irresistible.”Jay: “My life is better in every way because of Meg. She makes me a better person and makes every day more exciting then the last. She is so family oriented and I love that about her. She has made my family so much closer and has become that glue that keeps us all closer together. We have needed that so much in our lives since my mom passed. She reminds me so much of my Mom and she makes me fall more in love with her everyday.”Jay: “For my birthday last year Meg surprised me and took me skydiving. It was the most fun, exciting, and most exhilarating experience of my life.”Meagan: “Jay has given me purpose to live for another. I have always been so independent and driven because I wanted to provide for myself and my future family. Before Jay, I had thought I may never meet someone, but I always knew I wanted kids. I had seriously contemplated doing it on my own. The moment I met Jay, I knew that I wanted to have a family with him, and that I would finally have the life and love that I always wanted. I strive every day not for myself any longer, but for us and our future.”

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