montaña redonda (round mountain) dominican republic wedding {andrea + matt}

Andrea, on their amazing ‘Just Married’ session at Montaña Redonda, 1 hour drive from Punta Cana:
“Tamara Florence actually told us about this magical place, Montaña Redonda, when we were in Punta Cana for our amazing wedding, but we just couldn’t fit it in with our schedule.
Matt & I LOVE adventures and we really wanted to see this ‘ swing,’ so we decided to come back to Dominican Republic SPECIFICALLY to take photos with Florence at this ‘Round Mountain!’ Of course, it was also a great excuse for a well-deserved vacation and a chance to wear my wedding dress again!
Florence was so helpful and just made the entire process so fantastic. She made it feel like it was our wedding day again!!! She brought champagne and music and just made everything very relaxed and fun!” 
1) these sweethearts were the FIRST COUPLE to come back to Punta Cana just to do a photo session with me. I may or may not have shed a tear while doing a happy dance.
2) to get up to the top of the mountain, we all rode in the box of a crickety old truck (not for the faint of heart)! and then, there was this epic giant swing … Andrea & Matt didn’t even flinch. NOT ONCE!
3) we BOTH brought a bottle of bubbly: great minds think alike!
4) Andrea & Matt have two cats whom they treat like children. (Don’t know why, but this makes me giggle)
5) lastly, the KILLER not-so-secret party trick: the Dirty Dancing lift!!! they even pulled it off in a heavy wedding gown. pretty much one of the most BADASS things i’ve seen.

“OMG what didn’t we love about our swing session. It was beyond our imagination! The scenery was just breathtaking it was like you were in South America on top of a mountain overlooking the small towns and farms. Tamara Florence made the photos so unique and catered to our style and truly demonstrated the love and joy we have for each other. She also incorporated so many different aspects of the scenery. We loved being able to drive up with her and see the scenery along the way.”

“The champagne helped us loosen up a bit and just relax with one another, so thoughtful! We could not of been happier with the day we had! It was all so worth it!”“I had my hair and makeup done by Olga Montilla before we left (highly recommend!). But we still had to bring my dress, my husband’s suit, shoes, jewelry and change of clothes. We thought we might have to hike up the hill but luckily there was a truck to bring you up. There were so many options for gorgeous photos, it almost seemed overwhelming!” 

And THIS is the image that literally made it ALL worth it! “I can’t speak highly enough about Florence’s work and the experience of just being with her. It feels like you’re working with your BFF rather than a photographer!! She is extremely easy going, generous, kind, observant, creative and joyful. She makes taking photos one of the BEST PARTS OF YOUR WEDDING (and beyond). My husband and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else to capture such an important moment in our lives. I mean, we loved her so much we came back to take more photos! 

Honestly, I feel like I don’t have the vocabulary to express the experience we had. It was indescribable. Feeling so grateful and BLESSED! … LOVE, Andrea & Matt.”

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