paradisus palma real punta cana wedding {andrea + billy}

Andrea & Billy are some of the most beautiful human beings you’ll meet. Their magical destination wedding took place at one of Punta Cana’s most exquisite all-inclusive resorts, Paradisus Palma Real.

1) Most memorable moments from the Day /  Wedding week?

“Getting to spend time with everyone who was able to come! We had so many laughs and SO much fun!”

2) Do you have any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

“No regrets whatsoever!!!”

3) What inspired you to have a destination wedding? How did you pick the right venue?

“We had previously gone to a destination wedding in Jamaica and had such an amazing time! Once we got engaged, we realized it would be a great choice! Trip Advisor searches helped us find the right venue! Paradisus Palma Real was great because the entire resort is beautiful and there are sooooo many different options for wedding ceremony and reception venues within the resort!”

4) What inspired your colour palette / decorations / any DIY elements / any unique details or traditions?

  “Pinterest, for sure! We thought that the light pink and blue would look nice along the beach & ocean!”

5) Any comments about your resort / wedding venue?

  “Everyone at the resort (Paradisus Palma Real) was incredible, they have mastered planning a wedding and making your wedding absolutely perfect!”

“Best decision that we made for our wedding was doing First Look photos! We were sooooooo against doing the First Look because we really wanted Billy to see me for the first time while I was walking down the aisle. It wasn’t until about a month before our wedding, we finally changed our minds and we couldn’t be happier that we did! Reasoning:

1- Although its “untraditional” it is sooooo much more intimate. Plus, you can decide whom you want to be there. Billy & I had just the two of us with Florence (she rocks), but if you wanted you could have family, friends and/or the wedding party there with you for it! We loved having it with just the two of us because we wanted to share the emotion privately. We also knew that Florence would do such a great job capturing the moment, that all of our family and friends would be able to see the first look photos once we got them!2- Your wedding day is all about you! Doing the first look photos before the ceremony allowed us to spend time with just each other (for almost an hour) that was awesome!3- After doing your First Look photos, you can take a ton of photos with the wedding party before the ceremony, too! Having that done before the ceremony was a blast! Florence found lots of fun places to take pictures around the resort and she even gave us some champagne to pop and sip on before walking down the aisle. Spending time with our whole wedding party before the ceremony made us feel super relaxed!

4- Once the ceremony is over, you can then enjoy the cocktail hour with all of your guests! That was great! Our venue was great because we were able to enjoy the cocktail hour and take pictures with our guests at the same time! Towards the end of our cocktail hour we snuck off with our wedding party and took a few more photos!

Definitely, definitely recommend doing FIRST LOOK photos!”

“After our first dance, we had the DJ play “dancing in the moonlight” by King Harvest (one of our favorites), and had everyone get up and dance with us! We thought it was a nice & subtle way to show our guests that each of them are a part of us and our marriage!”

Which image(s) is/are your favourite and why?

  “LOVE them all, but if we had to choose, I would say we really like how the Rock the Dress photos came out! We had lots of fun with those! Also, Billy really loves the boudoir photos Florence took on the morning of the wedding. I highly recommend doing both of those. The boudoir pictures that we did before I put on my dress made me feel so sexy and beautiful, exactly how I wanted to feel on our wedding day! The sunrise Rock the Dress was so special because it most closely captured our true, gentle, loving, pure relationship with each other! It’s not that the wedding day photos didn’t capture that, but there is a different energy that you have on your wedding day! So its nice to have both!”

6) How to stay on budget while still getting the wedding of your dreams?

  “Write down a list of “wants” & “needs” so when you are looking at different options, you always have that reminder to refer to! Its really easy to get lost in all of the decisions that you have to make for the wedding but remember, Its all about what is most important to you! For example, spending a little more on centerpieces might make sense because that is something that is important to you, but that means something else will have to give, so maybe you spend a little less on wedding favors! Also, if you are going to splurge on something, I would recommend it being on PHOTOS! The photos capture all of the important memories & emotion of your wedding, its something you will never be able to get back. Going through our wedding photos (only 2 months later) make our hearts feel so full and happy!”

7) Guest list: how did you narrow down your guest list to a reasonable number?

  “We invited everyone…we wanted the guests to make the decision on whether or not they would come!”

8) Communication: any challenges in keeping your friends & family informed about your wedding plans?

  “We used a travel agent through Van Zile Travel (in Rochester, NY). I would definitely recommend going through a travel agent! It was nice because once we decided on a travel agent, we provided everyone with her information as well as the resort information on our Save The Date cards, giving guest the option to utilize her if they wanted or go ahead and book on their own! Also, we provided the guests with our wedding website on, so we could keep everyone informed!”

9) Bridal buys: shopping advice for stationary, accessories, wedding dress etc

  “Personally, when it comes to accessories, we like simple. We did very minimum in terms of accessories so they wouldn’t overpower the natural look that we wanted!”

10) Were there any special heirloom pieces used? (Veil / engraved wedding rings / something blue?

  “Well, the center stone of my engagement ring was my great grandmothers engagement ring, which is pretty cool!”

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